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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 2018 - 7 PM - RHS Auditorium

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. We had an amazing turnout at auditions on Sunday, and this is going to be a really special production.  As you review the list below, please keep the following in mind:

  1. If your name is not listed, this does not mean that you are not being considerd for a part.

  2. A few people are called back for more than one role.  Please review the list below carefuly.

  3. A few people are called back for a part that they did not originally audition for.  Again, please review the list below carefully.

  4. Not every part is being called back.  Casting decisions for these roles will be made based on the Sunday auditions in addition to the Tuesday callbacks.

  5. If you are called back, you will be asked to read scenes with other auditioners.  These scenes will not necessarily be what you prepared for the Sunday audition.

ANY QUESTIONS? Please Contact Dr. Glenny in the Choral Room


  • Aidan Moore

  • Lucas Young

  • Matthew Leonardi

  • Peter Vitale



  • Akshaya Bharath

  • Alicia Vitale

  • Caroline Barnhart

  • Jade Winn-McNeil

  • Lanie Walsh

  • Mary Horstmann

  • Nicolle Lomazoff

  • Shreya Rupesh


Flotsam / Jetsam:

  • Annabelle Dinda

  • Eliana Schlagman

  • Nadia Grasso

  • Olivia D’Ovidio

  • Sophia Twohig



  • Chloe James

  • Meredith Forman

  • Rachel Bodenger

  • Shannon Boylan


Chef Louis:

  • A. J. Englehard

  • Joshua Goldberg


  • Amia Korman

  • Cassidy Else

  • Catherine Hobbs

  • Izzy Criscuolo 

  • Sharon Hsu


Prince Eric:

  • Aidan Giacomucci 

  • Gabriel Escobar

  • Patrick Kaper



  • Caroline Constable

  • Grace Twohig 

  • Mehek Thapar

  • Ryan Oliver



  • Barbara Civitella

  • Benjamin Adams

  • Samantha Roche

  • Zoriana Witmer


King Triton:

  • Joshua Jones

  • Ryan Oliver

  • Patrick Kaper

  • Cyrus (Sunny) Taghavi

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